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Cork & Neoprene Sheet

Cork & Neoprene Sheet

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This cork & neoprene blend material is very resilient, has good oil resistance, and is excellent for use with water. Being a highly compressible material, it is ideal for many applications, including air and refrigeration compressors. NCA45 seals well at low bolt torque, and flange pressures, and at temperatures up to 248°f (120°C). The small granule size gives the material a visually pleasing pattern making it a great choice for decorative areas as well. 

Code: NCA45

Sheet Size: 36" x 36"

Available thickness: 1/16", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4"

Binder: Neoprene Rubber

Color: Mix

Density: 560-760 kg/m 3 

Tensile Strength: 0.96 MPa

Compressibility: 35-50%

Recovery @ 400 PSI: 80%

Cork Granule Size: 1-2mm

Hardness: 50-70 Shore A

Original (F=5)- No cracks
Oven aged, 70h at 100°C (F=16)-No cracks
ASTM N°1 Oil, 70h at 100°C (F=16)-No cracks

Volume change after immersion:
ASTM N°1 Oil, 70h at 100°C-->-10% to +10%
IRM 903 Oil, 70h at 100°C---->+10% to +40%
 ASTM Fuel A, 22h at RT------>+ 0% to +15%

Thickness Change: IRM 903 Oil, 70h at 100°C--2% to +15%

Compression Set: Method A, 22h at 70°C (max)- 55%

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